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The WynnMont brand is a black owned, created and inspired luxury brand. WynnMont is committed to create and nurture a niche where black people, and people of color, can be well dressed, and proud in their aesthetic. We strive to create timeless, one of a kind pieces that flatter all figures and enhance all silhouettes.

   This brand is one that was built from the ground up, with no racist backstories or innuendos, unlike many of the luxury brands in existence today. WynnMont is also committed to building up the black community by creating jobs, embracing diversity and emphasizing the importance of spending black currency with black owned business.
This brand is determined to reclaim black fashion and aesthetic, which is often appropriated by and credited to other cultures.

WynnMont prides itself in creating sleek, fashionable, current and affordable luxury looks that will turn heads in any setting. We also promise a customer service experience that will be professional, personalized, efficient and pleasant, with every transaction.





Malisha Womack, founder of the WynnMont brand, was born in Newport News, VA in 1991.


She spent her formative years in Glen Burnie, MD, where she discovered her passion and innovation for fashion. A niche for her talents was built in her close knit, two parent family, who proudly stands behind her and her company. Smart and a dreamer, Ms. Womack, though she knew the curriculum, often found herself bored in school. Upon opting to  earn her GED, she enrolled in college at age 17. She is also actively serving her country in the Army, working and simultaneously hand crafting her brand.


Despite many adversities faced, such as finding herself, discovering avenues to provide for her kids, and having to rebrand her dream company, the founder has looked to her life experiences, kids and community to create one of the first black owned luxury brands in the millennial generation.  Although the company was originally founded in Oct.2013, this mom of two really hit the ground running with her brand after her daughter's birth in 2018.

Ms. Womack's dedication to WynnMont, a portmanteau of the names of her son and daughter, serves as a testament that a dream postponed is not always a dream deferred.

Customer Service Phone Number:

Customer Service Hours:

Mon-Thu: 7:00am - 10:00pm

Friday: 9:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am - 2:00pm

Sunday: Closed

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